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Eagle vs. Shark (2007)


Since the 1980s, the nerd has triumphed in comedies from Weird Science to Napoleon Dynamite, but what about the female of the species? In Eagle vs. Shark, New Zealand's Taika Waititi presents his offbeat romance from the perspective of the likeably quirky Lily (co-writer Loren Horsley). The Meaty Boy cashier fantasizes about the sensitive yet boorish Jarrod (Jemaine Clement from HBO's Flight of the Conchords). Sporting the worst on-screen hairdo since Javier Bardem's pageboy in No Country for Old Men, the video-game wiz visits Lily's fast-food emporium daily, oblivious to the slouchy brunette with the shy smile. Except for her cartoonist brother, Damon (Joel Tobeck), nobody else notices Lily either. When she crashes Jarrod's costume party--dressed as a shark to his eagle--her fortunes begin to change, but there's a catch: Much like Adam Sandler's tightly-wound salesman in P.T. Anderson's Punch-Drunk Love, Jarrod has a dark side. Not only is he a habitual liar, but he intends to kill his high school nemesis, Eric (David Fane). At first, Lily supports Jarrod's homicidal plan, but their relationship hits a snag when they travel to his hometown for the big face-off (Waititi plays Jarrod¢s brother in flashbacks). Suffice to say, no murders take place during the course of Eagle vs. Shark. Stop-motion sequences (revolving around irregular apples), the Phoenix Foundation's electro-pop score, deleted scenes, outtakes, and audio commentary all contribute to the weird charm of Waititi's first feature.

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